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The Instructor

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Welcome to Examiner Driving School! My name is Chris Ringrose & over the past 15 years I have helped young people like yourself achieve one of life’s great milestones, getting a drivers licence!

Over this time I have become a specialist in what I do, I’ll teach you everything needed to become a safe & competent driver.

My teaching style is very structured to ensure you get the maximum out of each lesson, developing the crucial skills to pass your test.

I look forward to getting on the road with you.

All the best,

Why Choose Examiner Driving School?

Examiner Driving School is Top of the class in providing an unmatched standard of driving excellence. 75%-80% of all our students pass their driving test first time. We’ve reached this standard of excellence through 15 years of experience in the industry.

Examiner Driving School is a family run business dedicated to provide high quality tuition to our students. We provide a personalised driving program, catering to your individual needs and abilities. You can rely on us to ensure you are a safe, confident and prepared driver for life!

We are specialists in what we do and our goal is to provide the skills, awareness and knowledge for all of our students to achieve the freedom that only driving can give.

Call us today to book your first lesson & drive the Examiner way.


“You just need to listen and understand what Chris tells you and you can ace your driving test! A friendly, funny, easy going instructor. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to learn driving and get their license.”

– Minhas

“Chris is excellent, having helped me learn both the basics of driving and prepare for my driving test. Has a great sense of humour, and teaches you everything you need to know. Highly recommend!”

– Max

“Chris is an outstanding driving instructor who has helped my 3 sons pass their driving tests first time! Chris has a kind and compassionate attitude that gets results!”

– Lara

“Chris is very patient, encouraging and good-humoured and has great skills as a driving instructor. I had tried a number of different instructors before I found Chris, and his skills far exceed those of other driving schools. He is very calm and professional and I found his methods easy to understand and incorporate into my driving. He prepared me really well for the driving test and gave me the confidence to go for my licence, and I passed first time! I would highly recommend Chris! Thank you, Chris, and see you out on the road!”

– Judith

“Chris was an excellent driving instructor while I was on my learner’s licence. He was professional while maintaining the ability to make me feel comfortable while I was on the road. His patience was greatly appreciated and the preparation he gave me in preparing for my drivers test was most definitely valuable.
Highly recommended, thanks Chris!”

– Annike

“Receiving lessons from Chris at Examiner Driving School helped me to break the bad habits I acquired over 3 years as a learner driver. Chris’s years of experience at the RTA and as a Driving Instructor has also allowed me to successfully pass my Driving Test.”

– Mai

“Chris has a very relaxed and friendly way about teaching, it is always a comfortable atmosphere. Chris has many tricks of the trade that he shares with his clients. He explains things in an effective and easy way to understand. I personally found it a pleasure to learn from him, and I have recommended him to all my friends that need an instructor.”

– Mark

I would recommend Examiner Driving School to anyone who wants to gain the practical knowledge to become a confident, safe and skillful driver. Chris was very helpful in providing me with all the tips I needed to pass my practical driving test. Extra advice was always given and lessons were very affordable. My overall experience with Examiner Driving School has been very positive and I am very grateful.

– Jo

I passed my test many years ago but had very little practice and never felt that I could drive. I have had many instructors over the years to try to gain confidence and experience but always felt that it was just “too hard” and stopped in fear and panic. Chris has a very positive and encouraging attitude. He has excellent communication skills and can break down the whole complex and scary process of driving a car into easy to understand pieces.”

– Nicola

“I wanted to let you know how much my son David enjoyed learning to drive with Chris. His lessons were a huge success and he passed his test first time, which we were delighted with. Thank you for also advising us of the Keys 2 Drive website.”

– Louise

“Chris, I don’t know how you made it happen! When we first started, I thought it was “mission impossible” and here I am holding my own driver’s license! Thank you so much for all your help, patience and support. Thank you for making me a safe and confident driver. Your approach is customised to each student’s personality, age, background and experience or complete lack thereof, as was in my case.

– Inna